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Core Creators

Meditation and Mindfulness

Recharge and Renew Workshop

The power of aromatherapy, sound baths, & massage


£87.5pp( 4+)

5 Chinese Elements

Discover the healing power of food and movement


£35pp( 5)

Empowering Dance & Wellbeing Workshop

Empower your mind, body, and soul through dance


£150.00( No Limit)

Recharge and Renew Workshop for Teams

Soundbathing to reduce stress & promote relaxation


£17pp( 40-50)

Gratitude in Motion

Online power yoga experience with intentions


£120.00( No Limit)

Playfulness Meets Mindfulness

A transformative yoga & movement retreat from home


£50pp( 4+)

The Power of Connection Yoga Experience

Deepen your connection with a significant other


£75pp( 2+)

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